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President's Message

Dear Members of the India Association of Oklahoma,

As your President, I'm honored to lead our vibrant community this year. My vision is to create an even stronger and more inclusive organization that celebrates our rich heritage, empowers our youth, and shines a light on the incredible contributions of Indian Americans in Oklahoma. Looking to the future, we dream of cultivating future leaders within our community and establishing a permanent space to call our own, a place where we can gather and celebrate all our events.

Fostering a Welcoming Space for All Generations:

This year, a key focus will be creating a space where everyone feels welcome and valued. We'll nurture a truly inclusive environment for our children, where they can explore their Indian roots with pride. The establishment of a teen board will empower young minds to take an active role in our organization, shaping the future of the India Association of Oklahoma. We won't forget our valued senior members, and will plan events specifically geared towards their interests.

Sharing the Beauty of Indian Culture:

We'll organize captivating events showcasing the dazzling tapestry of Indian culture – music, dance, food, and traditions. These events will be a platform not only for our community to come together but also to share our heritage with the wider Oklahoma community. By shedding light on our culture, we'll foster understanding and appreciation, building stronger bridges with our fellow Oklahomans.

Collaboration and Recognition:

The India Association of Oklahoma thrives because of our amazing team. Together, we'll actively seek collaborations with other organizations, increasing our visibility and enriching the cultural landscape of Oklahoma. This year, we'll also shine a spotlight on the success stories of Indian-owned businesses and hardworking individuals in our community. Their dedication and achievements deserve recognition, and we'll be proud to celebrate them.

Building a Future We Can All Be Proud Of:

Ultimately, I want every child in our community to feel proud of their heritage. We'll work tirelessly to show the world that Indian Americans are an integral part of Oklahoma, with a rightful place here. Through celebrating our culture, empowering our youth, and fostering collaboration, we can build a future where the India Association of Oklahoma stands taller than ever before.

Get ready for exciting events and initiatives throughout the year! Your participation is what makes us strong. Let's work together to make this year truly extraordinary for the Indian community in Oklahoma!


Angela Miriam Oommen

The President,

India Association of Oklahoma

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